10 Uses For Polycarbonate

10 Uses For Polycarbonate

We've talked about how great polycarbonate it, but just how versatile is it? Well, let's take a look at some of the things we use polycarbonate for in our daily lives. You might be surprised.

1.     Bullet Proof Glass.

Bullet Proof Glass has saved countless lives, including our soldiers. The glass is made by layering polycarbonate and glass. It's a bit thick in the end, but clear as glass and it will stop some serious fire power.

2. Safety Glasses.
Nowadays, safety glasses must be worn at all times in a work place. We are no different. Here in the office, we're okay. As soon as we step foot out in the shop, we must be wearing eye protection. Safety glasses are made form polycarbonate and can withstands a pretty good hit, saving you from losing your site. 
3. Police Protection.
When there's a riot happening, the Police need some protection. People will attack the Police, throw rocks, bricks, etc. at them, and even toss Molotov Cocktails. When you have a large group of people aimed to do destruction, they won't stop at property damage. Polycarbonate shielding is the only way to go. The Police can still see through it and have a very good safety barrier between them and the angry mob.
4. Structure Glass. 
Polycarbonate is a great material to use for something like a Greenhouse. Something like shown what is shown below has cells that work both for structural integrity and insulation keeping even more heat. 

5. Face Protection in Sports.
Similar to the safety glasses, eye, or face shields are used in a variety of sports, like Football and Hockey. Back in the day, hockey players didn't wear any head or face protection. Now, helmets are mandatory and face shielding is optional. I'd want to wear one as that hard, frozen puck can travel over 100 mph! There have been players in the past who have broken teeth, jaws and even their orbital bone. 

6. Headlights
Modern vehicle headlights use a polycarbonate clear cover, sealing in the headlamp itself. Once again, polycarbonate is the clear choice for its durability and clarity for vehicle headlights. It also has a hard coating for scratch resistance and UV protection as raw polycarbonate is susceptible to UV damage. 
7. DVD's
DVD's and Blue Ray's are probably the most common use for Polycarbonate. It's a great material to use for these as it has a high heat resistance, it's flame retardant, and a good electrical insulator. 
8. Aircraft Industry
What is that protecting the pilots and the passengers? You guessed it. Polycarbonate. No explanation needed for this one I don't think. 

9. Glasses

Most of our eye wear are now made form Polycarbonate. I wear glasses myself as of recently. They are glasses and they are safety glasses at the same time. I don't need to put on a separate pair of safety glasses when I go out into our shop. I'm covered! Here are mine.

10. Bottles

Most of the bottles are made form Polycarbonate. Most Polycarbonate items are made from vacuum forming or drape forming. Polycarbonate can also be injection molded. Makes for a very strong bottle and uses much less material.