Back to Old School for Bikers

Back to Old School for Bikers

It's that time again, everyone is headed back to school but a special few are doing so in style. Those on the fringes of society, those who follow the beaten path and those who don't conform to anyones' version of normal, are headed back to school on the back of an iron horse.

The glory days of motorcycles got their roots in the 50's and 60's in when riding became "cool" in movies such as "The Endless Summer" and "Teenage Devil Dolls" that helped popularized the biker culture. The acclaim from these films led to increased interest from the younger generation and ultimately, more people joining the brotherhood.  

The Endless Summer

Teenage Devil Dolls

Teenage Devil Dolls

This was capped off when the sitcom "Happy Days" aired in 1974 and "The Fonz" hit center stage with his trademark greaser look. With a biker finally in the limelight, The Fonz showed the world the high moral character of bikers and started to tear down the stigma that went along with riding, which we are still fighting to this day.


All of this led to where we are today and the thing about is bikers is, they always remember the journey. At the heart of every motorcycle club is a set of core values that were established from the beginning, brotherhood, community, and a strong sense of moral character. It is these ideals, carried on through generations of riders that have effected the prosperity of many communities. When bikers go back to school, they go all out. 

Motorcycle Club Pays Off Lunch Debt

Motorcycle club pays school lunch debt

The Douglas County chapter of the POBOB MC hosted their annual crab feed and used the money to pay off the lunch debt for all 12 schools in their area. Each child needs nourishment to perform and these bikers want to make sure they are set up to succeed.  

Word quickly spread of their good deed, leading to an out pour from community.

 MC Sets Sights on Bullying

This club introduced its newest member in a grandiose manner. This statement sent ripples through the community, letting everyone know, bullying will not be tolerated while they're around.

Bikers Bring School Supplies to Those in Need

Backpacks from bikers

This club noticed its community struggling, so they stepped up in a big way.
The Biker Ministry provided school supplies for hundreds of children in need in the Gainesville area. 


old school

A lot has changed over the years but bikers have preserved the one thing that matters, their creed. This is the engine behind motorcycle clubs around the country and will not be forgotten. So thank you, to all those bikers that have made going back to school an old school affair and providing for thousands of children in need.