Biker Goodwill

Biker Goodwill

The media fails to represent or report the average, everyday activities of motorcycle clubs and the workaday lives of their members. Long Ride Shields and Black Hills Billet will do it for them.

Did you know that most Motorcycle Clubs, actually are charitable and strive to do good for the community? A recent video by the Children’s Hospital Colorado shows just how much bikers care about the community.



The LRS and BHB Staff recently participated in a similar event in our area. The local biker community got together to collected toys and raise over $30,000 for children in all of Northern Nevada. There is even a local chapter of a red colored (we won't say any names) club that gets together every year before Christmas to deliver Christmas dinners to families that would not normally have one. These are just small examples of the continuing charitable works of these hardened bikers.

This photo was taken at the 37th Annual Toy Run hosted by the Northern Nevada Confederation of Clubs

This is the season of goodwill. Be on the lookout for bikers in your area giving back to their community. We at Long Ride Shields and Black Hills Billet would love to hear about these acts of charity. Let us know below with times you have seen a biker giving some goodwill.