Blood Alley

Blood Alley

Every street has a name and every highway a number.  Today in Myths, Legends & Tales from the road we take a closer look at a highway that is rumored to have been collecting it's share of numbers over the years.  So many people have died along this stretch of road that it is commonly known to be cursed or haunted. Join us, in exploring the Blood Alley, a road that is nearly infamous for the hundreds who hive died along it.

There is a long stretch of twisting and narrow roadway in Arizona that spans from Prescott to Wickenburg through Wikiup and down into Kingman.  Commonly known as "Blood Alley", highway 89 cuts through the desert hills of Arizona around sharp corners, through canyons and over quickly ascending and descending hills.

Before the highway was redone in the late 1980's it had claimed countless lives in massive pileups, cars veering off the road, losing control and misjudging turns.  Locals all began to call the perilous road "Blood Alley" because of all the lives it had claimed.  It wasn't long before people began seeing apparitions, ghosts or unexplained visions along and in the road.

Because of the many hills and general geography of the road most cell phones and radios don't work for almost the entire span and it's so seldom used anymore that it is not rare for travelers to travel the whole highway without ever having seen another soul.

One of our fans emailed us his story of the road and it caused us to search out a few of the various tales commonly known on "Blood Alley".
"After riding all day I was just looking for a spot to spend the night because it was getting dark and the road had been twisting like a corkscrew and I just wanted to get some sleep.  Right after the sun had passed below the hills I saw a kid in the distance just playing the road.  I rode toward him worries  that he might be abandoned or lost here in the middle of nowhere.  I rode toward him for a while before I realized that I never got any closer.  Then it started to get creepy, I was alone and thought it was just the long day, but I swear that kid kept looking up at me and smiling.  He was just waiting for me to catch him.  I must of rode for fifteen minutes chasing that kid along this crazy road and I never caught up to nothing but some headlights in my eyes.   After the truck passed I never saw the kid again.  But it was creepy enough that I don't want to ride that stretch without a buddy again."

Submitted by Ralph-O a New Mexico fan.

The guys at LRS are curious and we're looking to hear from more riders about this terrible trail.  Please contact us at to let us know your experience with a haunted highway near you.

Until your next ride, be safe and keep the rubber side down.

The LRS Team.