By matt on 2012-09-25

By matt on 2012-09-25

The Mako, the perfect Road Glide shield 
Available From 12" to 18" in 4 tints

This new re-curve design extends the whole length of the shield for premium wind protection.  Eliminate the most buffeting with your new LRS shield today.

  Testimonial - "I also tested these windshields (the black bike is mine) and I found the protection was a huge improvement. The LRS Mako we tested not only performed well the overall appearance was much better on the bike. 

I am 6' 2" with a stock seat and and the wind buffeting was eliminated with the 12" LRS Mako. I rode the windshield on the interstate at 80 mph with out a problem (ball cap and glasses did not move). I also drove the bike in the air stream of semi-truck at 80 mph and the performance was solid. I then rode the bike on back roads with sharp turns and some cross winds and the performance was solid. I did not have a problem looking over the wind shield and my visibility was good.

Overall I think LRS has produced a great product and have added a new choice in the market for Road Glide owners. " - Peppa

Photos of Long Ride Shields newest product, The Mako!