By matt on 2012-12-05

If you have a favorite movie star biker feel free to post a pic on our facebook page here!

Over the last few days I have been thinking about some of my favorite riders/actors and why I like them. As a result of my preponderances below are some of my favorite silver screen stars on motorcycles.

While I was in college I studied film (partly because it was a easy major) and as a result I developed a passion for movies.
Movies are important why?
They are the essence of story telling, and stories are a way that man has for thousands of years impressed his friends around the campfire. 
Now days it seems like the best stories are told on or around the silver screen. Movies and film are what keep us all interconnected and in a similar fashion some movies are how we will pass on our history to our children and their children.
When the Lumiere brothers invented the first movie cameras, and put the first movie theater experience together a new era of storytelling sprang up. 
They invited people to come watch a series of 30- 50 second clips ( each was about 17 meters of film) and the subjects were simple, people in a cafe, families at home, men leaving a factory and horses running
 Their point was simple, entertain the people and charge them to see the spectacle and make some money right? - well partly....
Like anygood storytellers there was more than just entertainment, it was art and expression, the beauty of motion and the ability to record time and memories. 
Today's movie experiences are different only in the amount of money it costs to make the movies and the relative fiction of the stories that are told. 
My favorite aspect of film is this.... Film allows us to IMAGINE out loud!