The best ride you will ever have will be the one without any particular destination. When you simply get up on a Saturday and pick a cardinal direction in which to travel you can and will find things, people, places and meaningful moments that you never expected and will cherish to the core. 

Just recently some of my best buddies took the road with no particular place to go only to find our selves well off the beaten path in a small town called Loyalton way up in the sierra mountains. There we stumbled upon a classic car show and a town fair that presented us with a chance to be amazed and enjoy the ride that much more. 

Here are a few of the Gems we found - 

We found this WILD ANIMAL, Perhaps one of the best party helmes I have ever seen, the local fire chief was there and was kind enough to model his brain bucket for us. 

This was a first for me... A MODEL T WOOD BOAT RACER

We walked around for a few hours to check out all the cars... not all of which were what I would call Classic, but still it was great to see the new with the old.

Petina is just a fancy word for worn, but if I have ever seen it, this truck had it. 

We saw two rat rods as low slund as any other I had ever seen.