Finally arrived at Sturgis, then Rushmore at night

Finally arrived at Sturgis, then Rushmore at night

Wow, now that is what I call a Long Ride....... 2500 miles or so on our Long Ride to Sturgis and we finaly arived. Day 6 of our ride took us from Cody Wyoming to Sturgis SD seeing devils tower on the way in, and then on to Mount Rushmore and Hot Springs.

 So many people! So many Bikes. While walking around downtown we found 50 or so LRS windshields on the different bikes we saw. Ill admit I had a pride-full moment getting see our product on so many good looking rides. We found a cool guy to take a picture with Vader for us, American tattoos and all! We walked around listened to the music visited with some friends and after a while it was time to leave the biker mecca.
The Rally
Mount Rushmore at night!

This guy was nice enough to hold Vader, for a picture. Don't they look good together?
As we left Sturgis, we decided to visit Mt. Rushmore. As the sun went down the danger increased as we drove through the black hills on the way to the monument. We had a very close call with an ADHD dear who almost ran right in front of my bike - Man those mountains are full of critters. We made it to Rushmore just in time, and in one piece.

 Jeremy had received a tip from a friend on HD Forums who told us to visit the monument at night for the lighting ceremony. I'm glad we did! It was pretty cool to see the mountain lit up at night. It was very patriotic.

We rolled into Hot Springs at almost midnight and the owner of the hotel had been cooking indian food, not a good smell but we were too tired to care. It was a long day, but worth it. We had Shell gas station sandwiches for dinner, since nothing else was open. Umm, healthy eating! Here's some of the pictures we took yesterday, from Devil's Tower, Sturgis and Rushmore.

In the morning I walked around hot springs which is a really cool old town, with buildings that have been in use since the civil war, its hot springs were considered to be healing for the veterans who needed help with digestive issues. To this day the town is occupied by retired veterans in need of medical treatment.
Devil's Tower

The bike's parked outside Devil's Tower

Vader on main street Sturgis

A giant Buddha on top of a building at Sturgis

The Hall of Flags at Mt. Rushmore

Some cool lights at Rushmore

The man behind Mt. Rushmore, well, a bust of him anyways.