Honoring Corporal Yates - a Brother in Arms

Honoring Corporal Yates - a Brother in Arms

Preface: Two years ago Sgt. Jameson Smith joined the LRS team as a member of our marketing staff. Without going into specifics, prior to joining LRS Jameson served as a member of a special group of soldiers who served our country fighting in places and operations that most people aren't aware even took place. 

In preparations for memorial day we asked Jameson to remember one of his fallen brothers and to tell the parts of the story that he could make public. We are eternally grateful for his service and for those who gave their lives for our continued peace and freedom. A recipient of the bronze star and a purple heart, Nyle Yates is a hero to us, even though most of his story will never be made public. 

I remember the day vividly. My friend was in trouble and my team was being called to help.
The first day I met Nyle, I had to stay with him in his room while our company was making barracks arrangements for me. This was my first unit and I had no idea what to expect. Nyle welcomed me and showed me the ropes. Nyle quickly became my first friend while in the Army. Nyle was a dedicated soldier and set an example for me that I did not soon forget.
The first party we had in the barracks was Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone was drinking and watching the game. Nyle did not want to watch the game with us, instead he bought that years Madden for Xbox and set both teams that were playing in the Super Bowl to auto and watched the game that way. I thought it was hilarious and ingenious at the time. His moral value was so strong that he would not have a drink with us until the day he turned 21.
Because of his strong values and dedication to the Army values, Nyle rose through the ranks and jobs within the company to finally become the Commander’s Radio Operator.
While on a deployment in Iraq, Nyle was on guard on a rooftop doing his duty. I was assigned to be part of the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) that day, and every thing seemed normal until I got the call. My team was to assist in a rescue of a fallen comrade. My friend was in trouble. I quickly put on my gear and ran to the trucks. I raced to the position where the on guard team was standing by to load my friend in my truck to take him to the C.A.S.H. (Combat Army Support Hospital). I drove as fast as my Humvee would allow, trying my best to avoid potholes and other dangers. We finally got to the C.A.S.H. and the medical personnel took him from there. It never crossed my mind that this moment was the last time I would see my friend.
We all went back to the F.O.B. (Forward Operating Base) to await word on my friend. Later that night we got the word. My friend, our brother, was gone. Overcome with grief, my team and I took over that fateful guard station to defend a fallen hero.
Rest in peace CPL Nyle Yates III. You are relieved. I have the watch.

SGT J. Smith USA Ret.
As a small way of remembering Corporal Yates, Jameson Made this custom etched windshield for the LRS bike, our ride will proudly sport this shield on memorial day as a token of remembrance to this hero.