Learn How Re-Curve Windshields Work

Learn How Re-Curve Windshields Work


Bikers need no verbal warning that the season of fall is on the way… we smell it, we sense its presence and allow it  embrace us as we ride along.

The colors of the season beckon to us in a way that draws fresh spirit from our souls, however along with that fresh spirit comes the frigid air and a reminder that the cold winter lays looming on the horizon. The main purpose of our products are to GET THE WIND OUT OF YOUR FACE, and to push the elements and cold up and over your head as much as possible.

At Long Ride Shields we make windshields that help you stave off the frigid bite of the wind, our re-curve windshields are the perfect tool for getting the elements up and out of your face, allowing you to see the road ahead and enjoy the ride.  

Watch this video that illustrates just how the Re-Curve on our windshields works.

Scientifically a re-curve works in a similar manner to the Bernoulli Principle, which is the scientific principle related to wings and areas of high and low pressure.  

The area behind the windshield is an area of low pressure, and the area in front of the windshield is an area of high pressure, the re-curve increases the pressure and kicks the wind up and over, creating a smooth channel of airflow at the tip of the shield, and allowing for less buffeting to occur behind the windshield on the driver's side as well.