LRS Made in the USA

LRS Made in the USA

Made in USA.
How much of a product is actually made in our great country? Let’s find out about your LRS windshield.
Sunny Las Vegas, at night when it's not really very sunny.
You have gotten to know the individuals of LRS in past emails. Matt Gardner, James Ferlingere, West Gill and Roger Block. We thought you may be interested in the daily “grind” here at our facility in Sparks, Nevada through the eyes of me, James Ferlingere, sales manager for LRS.

Your shield, before it is made.
When we say, “Made in USA”, we mean it. We purchase the material we use to make our shields from a large plastics company in Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. They make the material right there in their facility. The material we use is of the highest quality. We order our material to be slightly thicker than stock shields. This adds rigidity to your shield, and will not flex or bend from wind at higher speeds. The flexing and bending is a big cause of buffeting. The material comes in by weight in large sheets. We cut the sheets down to manageable sizes. These sizes will then be used to cut out shield blanks on our laser cutter. The blanks then go through a process to round off and polish their edges. This process can be a little time consuming.

Polishing the edges!
Once the blanks are ready to go, they are “heat-formed” into the shape you know. The shaping of the shields is a precise process for accurate and precise fitment into your fairing, or into the hardware assembly of your windshield system. This is also the step in which we achieve our known “re-curve” at the top of each of our shields, which pushes the wind up and over your head. A great deal of thought and engineering has gone into our “re-curve” design for maximum wind deflection. We feel very strongly about our design being superior to others’ designs. If you had one of each in front of you, you would be able to clearly tell the difference in the two.

Once the shields have been formed, they are thoroughly inspected. Any blemishes are attempted to be fixed. If they can not be, they are considered “blemished” and we do not sell these. We remake them. This is another big thing that makes us unique to others. We make our shields right here in our facility daily. We don’t actually keep stock of any completed shields.

Wrapped and Inspected, ready to ship!
When you order your shield, your order is “processed” and put on a “daily list” of shields to be made. It is then handed off to our shield maker. He then goes down the list, and cuts, preps and forms each shield on the list. During this time, I process your orders, and get shipping labels ready. Later in the day, I hand them off to our shield maker, and he packs and ships your shields. This is how we are able to ship within 24 hours of your order being placed.

Once you receive your shield, you install it on the best American made motorcycle, Harley-Davidson. We ourselves are HD riders. You’re not getting a big factory made mass produced windshield. You are getting a high quality, man made windshield, made by bikers, for bikers.

Getting boxed and ready to ship!

The end result is:
·         Highest quality, heat-formed shields
·         100% Made in USA
·         24 hour shipping
·         1 on 1 superior customer service
·         Pride in our product
·         Made by bikers, for bikers