Pictures from day 4 Missoula to Gacier Nat Park - Great Falls

Pictures from day 4 Missoula to Gacier Nat Park - Great Falls

Tuna boats ready to head out from Crescent City

I think I will start using this tag line at work now

Little vader trying out Jeremy's invention (an attempt at making his seat a little more comfortable)

A little lunch before heading into Glacier national park

Huckle berry's apparently only grow at a certain altitude and are found in great abundance around  West Glacier, the store we stopped at specialized in all things Huckleberry.

We found many little waterfalls in the park throughout the day.

A view from the road to the sun. 

This is the lodge at the top of the Bear Tooth Pass.... apparently a hiker went missing  from here a week ago and is now bear food!

Because the park spans the border between canada and the USA both flags are flown, albeit old glory flys a few inches higher by my observation. 

Finaly we found bigfoot, can you see him.....????

Oh wait it was only a bear. 

Dont try this at home kids.... Taking pictures while driving is not usually a good idea, but when you are having fun...... we all do dumb stuff sometimes. 

I was curious to find out what killed all the trees in certain parts of the park,  Jeremy seems to think that it is due to the Tree Beatles like those that killed the trees in Yellowstone, I plan to investigate this one further. 
The lake on the way into Kallispell 

Me with little vader, on-top the road to the sun Glacier National Park

On top of the world!

Jeremy says there are mountain goats somewhere in this picture, I cant see them, Can you?  

Between Browning MT and Great Falls the road was fantastic, curvey and wide open fields as far as the eye could see, they should have a race across this route. It felt like we were the only people alive for miles and miles. 

Take a guess at how many miles it is from here to the mountains in this picture........ The answer is.........Wait for it....

45 miles