RIDER PROFILE - Matt Gardner

RIDER PROFILE - Matt Gardner


Matt Gardner is the owner of Long Ride Shields and an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Matt began his motorcycle addiction at a young age on a honda 50 riding in the dirt lot behind is home in Reno Nv. Growing up in the desert there is not much to do but ride motorcycles and shoot guns and so that is just what he did. By the age of 16 he purchased his first 1983 virago and took to the roads of the sierras. Eventually durring college he purchased his first sportster and his infatuation with all things Harley began.

The Gardner family business has always been in plastics, and Matt Spent every summer of his childhood working in the family plastics factory (Quality Plastics Inc.) where he learned to work and form with various materials. This skill eventually became his lively hood.

Matt served six years in the Army as a 21b combat engineer and graduated college at BYU  in Utah where he rode some of the most beautiful mountain routes and pristine highways. It was during college that Matt started Long Ride Shields as a part time operation working closely with the family business in Reno and soon after graduation Matt moved his family to Reno Nevada to turn LRS into a full time operation.

His biggest motivation during this Long Ride to Sturgis is to relive some of the funnest memories of his youth while taking a 6000 mile road trip up the coast and through Canada with his family. several of our stops along this rout including, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and the PCH are among his most favored areas in the country. 
Matt Currently rides the LRS 2003 Road King with a dragon fly fairing, its got nearly 80k miles on it and has a long way to go yet!