Short Notice!

Short Notice!

Well this is just the way life is ...... One moment I think I'm going to mow my lawn tomorrow, the next Im headed out on another trip.

Traveling isn't always as glorious as one might think. Tomorrow Ill be up at 4 headed for San Francisco.

I enjoy the bay area about as much as the next guy...... If that guy Hates Traffic, Hates Driving next to obnoxious taxi drivers who don't obey the rules of the road..... then yes I would say I like it as much as he does.

San Fran is a beautiful place and fun to visit and hopefully I can get home tomorrow night at a reasonable time,   Its about three and a half hours down (with no traffic) and another 4 back ( there is always traffic on the way back!)

I hope I see something neat along the way... Maybe bigfoot has moved into the sierras and will be streaking across I-80 tomorrow.