The Final Resting Place of Steve McQueen's ..... MOTORCYCLE!

The Final Resting Place of Steve McQueen's ..... MOTORCYCLE!


We all have heroes, and one of mine is Steve McQueen.

He is one of the reasons I started riding.

AS A kid I watch movies like the great escape and any given sunday, and I got those first feelings of freedom and adventure from watching steve Jump the fence and Race around the country.

But now as an adult I admire him, because unlike so many people in the world of Hollywood and falseness… he stood out as a real person. Someone you would ACTUALLY want to be like.

Just recently I stumbled across a hidden Gem …. Of course in a museum… but one that brought me back to the nexus why I ride.

Life is about Legends… and for me seeing this bike was like touching Excalibur or seeing superman fly across the sky.

There were tons of other things to see there, and I highly recommend stopping in at the San Diego Automotive museum when and if you get the chance… It's an awesome place for a gear head afternoon.

Thanks for watching…. And remember …. ENJOY THE RIDE!