Every Year Long Ride Shields tries to honor our veterans in a meaningful way. More than 3/4 of our staff are veterans, and we are all bikers. This year we wanted to do something meaningful to veterans and especially those who ride.

We all know that motorcycles and soldiers go hand in hand, and share their roots with the first soldiers to ride on horseback. After the second world war groups of soldiers who came served in the war together formed some of the first motorcycle clubs, some of which are still alive and thriving today. The cavalry soldier and the biker share so many commonalities that this year we want to put together a collection of pictures and images that will help illustrate that point. 

So here is what we want your help with. Using the form below please send us any pictures or images or even written thoughts you have about soldiers, ex soldiers, riding on motorcycles. The soldiers bond is found throughout riding clubs and biker buddies across the globe, and we want you help showing what bikers and soldiers are and who we are. 

This album will be live on our site during this veterans day weekend and for sometime after so feel free to come back and visit to check out the collaborative efforts of bikers from across the world. 

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