While there are many bars that are motorcycle friendly or motorcycle themed, few actually set themselves apart from the competition. The makings of a “famous” biker bar include great food, a fun atmosphere, cold beer and finally an experience that will not be forgotten. Here are our top picks for where to grab some grub and a brew.

If there are any bars that we failed to mention or, if you have a particular favorite please share them with us. As riders we are always looking for a new watering hole to grab a stool and have a cold one at.

1. Godspeed – Oakland, California

It is nearly impossible to find a venue for motorcyclists as unique as Godspeed. The all-in-one establishment is nothing short of a true mecca for bikers. Take your pick of the fresh sandwiches and ice cold drinks at the Godspeed Café or shop around the gear shop for the latest in motorcycle wear. All this time, you can have a free safety inspection completed or speak with one of the manufacturers specific technicians about issues or modifications for your bike. To complete the experience at Godspeed, you can also get inked by one of the highly talented tattoo artists at the on-site tattoo parlor.

2. Hideaway Grill – Cave Creek, Arizona

In 1998 Mark Bradshaw brought his dream into reality by creating Hideaway Grill on the outskirts of a big city. Bikers can head here to tread where some of the legends have been. A popular stop for famous motorcycle personalities and custom bike builders, Hideaway Grill offers bikers a place in the country to relax and enjoy good food and hospitality. With a motto like “There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet” how can you not want to make this a must visit bar?

3. Full Throttle Saloon – Sturgis, South Dakota

Awesome reaches a new level at Full Throttle Saloon. Well known from TruTV, the bar is your go-to place for hot girls, cold drinks and a never ending display of motorcycle excitement. You can shop for gear, see performances by famous musicians or see stunts performed by motorcycle greats. The establishment even has its very own wall of death and burnout pit.

4. Busted Shovel Bar & Grill – Meridian, Idaho

A local pride and joy, Busted Shovel Bar and Grill is the ideal hangout for bikers. With some great hospitality, even better food and drinks and plenty of happy hour drink and appetizer specials; it is no wonder why everyone loves to stop in. They even offer weekly events such as wine tasting, pool and bowling tournaments and the Common Ground Biker Church.

5. The Broken Spoke Saloon – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
You can find The Broken Spoke Saloon at one of their six locations across the United States or at many motorcycle rallies throughout the year. They offer live entertainment and nightly contests for all their motorcycling patrons as well as hot and sexy bartenders serving up ice cold drinks and homemade bar food. The Sturgis, South Dakota location also features a campground that is loaded up with bikini-wearing bartenders that serve drinks poolside, free beer hour and more.

6. Genoa Bar - Genoa, Nevada

The Genoa Bar and Saloon is Nevada's oldest "thirst parlor," which makes sense since Genoa is Nevada's oldest town. The saloon was built in 1853 and opened as "Livingston's Exchange," and many elements of the bar are original. The diamond-dust mirror behind the bar came from Glasglow, Scotland in the 1840s. Many famous names have indulged a drink -- or three -- at the Genoa Bar, including Mark Twain, President Ulysses S. Grant, President Teddy Roosevelt, Carole Lombard, Clark Gable, Lauren Bacall, Red Skelton, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, John Denver, and Raquel Welch. In fact, Raquel Welch was convinced to leave her bra behind, which she did, as long as all the other bras were taken down. Her black leopard-print bra still hangs from the rafters, and the removed lingerie spills from a safe on the saloon floor.

7. Bucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City, NV

In spite of its sinister name, 'the Bucket of Blood Saloon' gives off the charm of the old time hey-days with its many hanging lamps and mirrors. Memories of a time past await the visitor wandering in to the bar for a cold drink in this cool oasis. The BUCKET of BLOOD Saloon constructed in 1876 after the great fire of 1875 which took up to a thousand structures of the town. Most of the towns core buildings were lost or sustained damage,unfortunately the first structure that previously occupied this location, was completely destroyed along with other buildings. Though the building you are currently viewing has gone through several renovations and operations since 1876, it like many of the other Historical buildings throughout Virginia City survive as living history. The saloon is always a spot on any poker run during bike rallies that are taking place.

8. Little Beaver Bar - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

In 1997, Leslye Beaver acquired a small tract of land from her mother at the intersection of Highway 17 in Murrells Inlet, just north of the Georgetown County line where a hot dog stand and miniature doll house stood. For years her mother had let vendors and bike riders park there when the spring and fall rallies were in full swing. Harley Davidson had recently moved its operations north, and SBB was establishing a stronghold on the adjacent site. During the spring bike rally that year, Leslye filled a large garbage can with ice and bottled water which she sold to bikers for $2. The next rally, she added a second garbage can for beer. Standing in the parking lot hawking her beer and water, Leslye noticed a man nearby on his phone attempting to give directions to his location. She tried to help the confused man – finally saying, “Just tell them you are at the Beaver Bar.” And that, my friends, is the origin of the legendary watering hole’s eyebrow raising name!  LONG RIDE SHIELDS WILL BE AT THEIR STURGIS LOCATION THIS YEAR!

9. Alabama Jacks - Homestead, Florida

Known for the best Conch Fries on the planet, no trip to the keys is complete without a visit to Alabama Jacks. Alabama Jack’s sprawls along the side of the highway, built on pillings over a waterway lined with wobbly floating docks, in what it proudly calls “Downtown Card Sound.” Calling it weathered is like saying a hurricane is windy. Many people drive by Alabama Jack’s because of the “biker bar” image. Well, don’t worry. The place is full of all sorts of people, including many families whose kids delight in feeding the fish over the railing. In the afternoons, crowds build at Alabama Jack’s for the country music that is performed live on a small stage. The place closes at dusk, when the mosquitoes would make you an entree at Alabama Jack’s.

10. Hog’s Nest - Kansasville, Wisconsin

Harleys, Sports, Cold Beers, and amazing food is how fans of the Hog’s Nest will describe this watering hole. But during football season make sure your a Green Bay Packers fan, they take their Cheese Heads serious. Every time the Packers score everyone gets a shot of “Hot Sex”. Every Friday is a fish fry and more amazing drink specials. This is must stop place to visit if you're on a ride.