Worlds largest double barrel shotgun!

Worlds largest double barrel shotgun!

I just returned home from my little trip down to the Bay area.

I Love california, but hate.... Hate..... HATE! Traffic.

I was stuck in traffic for no less than 8 hours today.

I didnt see Bigfoot as I had hopped, but I did manage to catch the worlds largest double barrel shotgun on camera.

It was good to see the city again, and visiting with my clients was very successful.

I was a little jealous of my co worker who slept while I drove.... HE ALSO SNORED!  I had half a mind to fall asleep at the wheel just to teach him a lesson..... My own lesson would have been counter-productivity 101. We were out the door at 4:30 am and got home about 8Pm

It seems like any little fender bender has the potential to ruin everyones day!

That's just life I guess.


Heading over the beautiful bridge.... SF off to the right.

Stuck in traffic.... AWESOME!

At-least the sierras were pretty!