2018 Heritage Re-curve Windshield

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The Heritage Re-curve Shield was designed to enable the rider to see the road with as little obstruction as possible while still providing maximum protection from the wind. This stock replacement windshield drastically reduces buffeting from wind. The flip-up, or re-curve, at the top of the windshield pushes air up and over the rider's head to allow the rider to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The size of the Heritage style windshield is measured from the headlight cut-out (just above the headlight) to the top of the shield.


**NOTE: These are replacement shields. No Hardware is included.**

* FITMENTS: Heritage 2018 FLSTC with OEM shield,


The Heritage Recurve Shield is designed to look over. The recurve will push the wind up and over your head. You want the top of the Heritage to be between tip of nose and mouth. Measure from the shields’ cutout (just above the headlight), up. Note: Our measurements are 1/2" shorter than what we say they are. 

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