Heritage/FatBoy/Softail Deluxe-Elite Re-Curve - Polycarbonate
$98.40 $164.00
The Heritage Elite Recurve Shield was designed to enable the rider to see the road with as little obstruction as possible while still providing maximum protection from the wind. This stock replacement windshield drastically reduces buffeting from wind. The flip-up, or recurve, at the top of the windshield pushes air up and over the rider's head to allow the rider to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride. The size of the Heritage style windshield is measured from the headlight cut-out (just above the headlight) to the top of the shield. **NOTE: These are replacement shields. No Hardware is included.** * FITMENTS: Heritage 00-Current FLSTC with OEM shield, 90-Current FLSTF, 05-11 FLSTN with OEM Detachable King Shield. NOTE: If you have the Freight Train Nacelle, you will need to purchase the Road King shield.  FITMENT INSTRUCTIONS  The Heritage Elite Polycarbonate Recurve Shield is designed to look over. The recurve will...
Javelin Re-Curve (Models 1996-2013)
$49.50 $99.00
The Javelin combines our Custom Engineered Extreme Recurve Design with pure performance. Designed for superior wind clearance, the Javelin directs the wind up and over your head while providing maximum visibility with minimum shield height. Time Proven and Ride Tested, The Javelin is one of our most popular shields due to its flawless performance and easy installation.We've combined the best of both worlds for the ultimate windshield for your batwing fairing. Like our #1 best selling Ultra shield, the new Javelin has a wide re-curve for awesome wind protection. And like our Stealth, the new Javelin has the great looks and aerodynamic design which cuts through the wind and offers the same “downward” force to the front end making a nice, stable ride at higher speeds.    The Javelin is available in sizes 6" through 14" so you can be sure we have the right size for you.  FITMENT INSTRUCTIONS...
4.5 Inch LED Auxiliary Light, great for lighting up the night for that long ride. Fits all Harley 4.5' Auxiliary Light Housing.*Halo option only available in white.
7 Inch LED Headlight great for lighting up the night for that long ride. Compatibility: Ultra Glide, Electra, Street Glide, Road King, Heritage, and more.4.5 Inch LED Auxiliary Light. Fits all Harley 4.5' Auxiliary Light Housing. Available with white halo only.Great for lighting up the night for that long ride *Colors Red, Blue, and Green Halos may not be allowed in certain areas. Please check your state vehicle code for usage regulations. LED HALO HeadlightProduct Name: 7-inch LED Headlight (round) Rated Voltage DC 12/24V High Beam Input Current 1.5A(@12V) 0.75A (@24V) Low Beam Input Current 1.5A(@12V) 0.75A (@24V) Halo Input Current 0.35A(@12V) 0.18A (@24V) LED Intial Flux(min) 650 lm(Low Beam) 1000lm(High Beam) System Intail Flux 650 lm(Low Beam) 760 lm(High Beam) Important InformationWarning: Please read the specifications carefully before installation and use.Warning: Do not change or modify the product's structure or componants of the attachment.Warning: Do not use chemical reagents...
LRS Signature Kickstand Plate
$9.99 $14.99
Made in the USA, you'll have peace of mind knowing you won't have a tipped over motorcycle from sinking into hot asphalt or soft terrain. Our kickstand pads will displace the weight of the bike over a larger area, preventing any sinking and adding stability to your parked ride. Also prevents scuffing of garage floors. Very durable and rugged construction. Injection molded right here in the USA, these pads are made with high impact ABS. These pads will not crack or bread under stress, pressure or weight.
Stingray for Roadglide (Models 2015-Newer)
$85.40 $139.00
The Stingray is our newest windshield, sporting a massive re-curve that is guaranteed to get the wind out of your face and allow you to see the road ahead. In addition to the re curve, the windshield dresses your bike with sexy curves. The hips on the side of the shield allow additional airflow along the side of the shield producing an extra smooth ride garnished with great looks. If you are looking for great looks and spectacular performance, look no further. This shield has it all. If you have taller handle bars in most cases, the hips on the side of the shield will allow you a full range of motion when steering, making your bike both bad ass and functional all at the same time.The windshield is made from our special DURA SHIELD material, which allows rigid wind protection and great scratch resistance. In addition, the windshield can...
Thresher for Road Glide (Models 2015-Newer)
$80.40 $134.00
The completely new LRS Thresher shield features our most aggressive flip up design spanning the width of the shield, pushing wind up and over rider/passenger and giving a wide amount of protection. Offers complete coverage and maximum amount of buffeting reduction. The thicker material is resistant to shock and vibrations while on the road but still allows for easy mounting and installation. Made from a high impact polymer which is hardened and scratch resistant. NOTE: Some aftermarket bars may hit the shield when in full turn, depending on bar style, size, and angle. FITMENT INSTRUCTIONS Our Thresher shield is designed to look over. The recurve will push the wind up and over your head. You want the top of the Thresher to be about mouth level. Measure from the bottom of the shield (above vent) to where you need it following the same stock shield lean angle.