ZEPHYR VENT SHIELD (Models Harley Tri / Street / Electra / Ultra Glides)

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Based on our newest and best performing windshield design to date, (the MEGA CURVE), the ZEPHYR VENT SHIELD has the perfect re-curve combined with a fully adjustable vent in the lower portion of the shield which allows the rider to adjust the flow of wind behind the shield. This vent is the best tool for controlling buffeting which is caused by the negative pressure behind the windshield. Allowing a controlled amount of air to pass through the windshield will help smooth out the ride and keep you cooler on hot days. The vent has four positions including the fully closed position.  Designed for superior wind clearance, the windshield directs the wind up and over your head while providing maximum visibility with minimum shield height. 

When combined with the fairing vent on 2014 and newer Harley motorcycles the Zephyr Vent Shield provides additional directional control and volume of air that actually increases the efficiency of the venturi effect intended by the fairing vent system already on your bike. 

- Material: Impact Modified Acrylic

- Sizes: 8 - 14 inches

- Tints: Light, Medium, Dark

- NOTICE: Will not work with 3 bag pouches




Made for:    1996 - 2013  and 2014 - Current Batwing Style Fairings (Not made for 5 hole fairings prior to 1996) 

The Zephyr shield is designed to look over. The recurve will push the wind up and over your head. You want the top of the Ultra to be between tip of nose and mouth. Measure from the center screw, up to the top of the shield. 

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