How do you measure your windshields?

For all Batwing Fairing mounted shields (Street Glide, Ultra, Electra)

These shields are measured from the center screw in the fairing, to the top of the windshield.

No matter what shield you are measuring for, the top of our shield should be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth. Mustache level.

Head over to our FITMENT Page and watch our Fitment Video to help you decide which size will be the perfect fit for you. Factors such as rider's height, posture, body/leg ratio make everyone a unique fit.

For Harley Road Glide (1996-2013)

Measure from the center screw, up. Our Mako shield will sit a little more "upright" than stock. For example, our 15" Mako is the same height as the stock 16".

To get a more accurate measurement, you can measure straight up vertically from the top of your radio housing to about mouth level. Then, add 6 inches to this measurement. This is the size Mako you will need. For example, if you measure 7" from the top of your radio housing to level with your mouth, you will need a 13" Mako.

For Harley Road Glide (2015-Up)

Measure from the bottom of the shield to the top, following the same stock lean angle. Top needs to be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth.

For Harley Road King/Switchback/Heritage/Softail

Measure from the headlight cutout (just above the headlight) up to the top of the shield. You want the top of our shield to be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth. Mustache level.

For Indian Chieftain and Roadmaster

Measure from the center screw, up. Top of the shield should be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth. Mustache level. Since your shield is adjustable at a push of the button, you may want to size it at mouth level in the 'down' position. That way, you can raise it up and dial it in as you ride.

For Honda Goldwing

Measure form the top of the fairing rubber strip, up to the top. Ideally, you want to size the Taka shield so you are looking over it by 2-3 inches when it's in the down position. That way, you'll have the option of raising it up to look through if you felt you needed to, although most will never raise it again as the recurve works exceptionally well and pushes the wind up and over your and your passengers head.

A lot of Goldwing riders are used to looking through a large shield. Our Taka shield is designed to look over. You do not want to look through the recurve portion of our shield as it will have some distortion as all plastic does when curved. Resist the urge to purchase the tall one to look through. Purchase the right size for you based on the sizing instructions given.

For Honda F6B

Measure from the top of the fairing rubber strip, up to the top. You want the top of our Taka -S shield to be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth. Mustache level. Follow the same angle as your stock shield when measuring.

For Victory Cross Country & Cross Country Tour

Measure from the bottom to the top. Follow the same lean angle as stock. The top of the shield should be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth. Mustache level.

This shield is designed to mount inside the fairing, no outside. If you have a Cross Country, mount the same way. If you have a Cross Country Tour, you will need to first remove your tour brackets and then install our shield.

Will your windshields work with fairing pouches?

All LRS windshields for FLH series work with fairing pouches with exception of the 7" and 8" Stealth shields.

When will my windshield get here?

Our shields are made right here in our facility daily and under normal circumstances, will ship within a day or two of order placement. However, during high volume ordering, it can take up to 7-10 days for production times. We try to keep you up to date on this during checkout process. If you have received an order confirmation email after ordering, we received your order. You will receive and email with tracking information anywhere between 1-10 days after ordering. Your item will then ship within a day or two after receiving that email. Just keep an eye on the tracking number for shipment status.

Delivery will take extra time if you are located internationally.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated based on customer location. Estimates of shipping can be found in the shopping cart upon checkout.

Aerodynamics - Recurve:

Long Ride Shields Windshields are formed using a special heat forming method to preserve the optical clarity of the material. As a part of the forming a Flip-up, or recurve, is formed at the top of the windshield which serves to deflect wind over the riders head. Our design has been tested and proven to maximize the amount of wind deflection while allowing for the least amount of drag.


Currently, most LRS windshields are made from Impact Modified Acrylic. Our ELITE series of windshields are made from Glass-Coated Polycarbonate material.

Acrylic, Impact Modified Acrylic, and Polycarbonate

Acrylic (Trade names Plexiglas and Lucite) is one of the most transparent (Clear) materials known. It is used to make fiber optics which transmit light signals over long distances. While acrylic has greater impact resistance than glass, it is breakable.

Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA) is made by adding butyrate to Acrylic and significantly improves its impact strength. We have had a UPS truck drive over one of our Ultra windshields to prove that it can take a beating. IMA has moderate scratch resistance because of its relative hardness and is an good choice for windshields. Scratches can be buffed out. Several major brand names of windshields for motorcycles are made from IMA.

Polycarbonate (Trade names Lexan and Makrolon) was dubbed early on as the “Unbreakable Plastic”. Compared to Acrylic, it is softer and tougher (leather-like) than acrylic. In its general purpose form, polycarbonate is not a good material for windshields because it scratches easily and is UV susceptible. When a mar resistant (Glass) coating is applied to the outer surfaces, it becomes an excellent material for windshields. The cost of coated polycarbonate material, plus additional processing time drive up the price of this type of windshield.

Cleaning: Because all plastics are susceptible to various chemical solvents, we recommend our HOG WASH detailing solution or the use of mild soap and water for cleaning plastic windshields. Purple Slice and Brillianize are also acceptable cleaners. Always clean windshields with a soft cloth, not paper towels. DO NOT clean plastic windshields with Windex. Avoid using solvents such as gasoline, acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, etc., on plastic windshields. DO NOT USE LOC-TITE ON YOUR WINDSHIELD.

Aesthetics: Our windshields maintain a classic look while achieving the maximum results. Many of the riders who try our windshields write back to us and tell us just what they experienced when they put it on their bikes: the results have been astounding and the looks are sharp.

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