Taka Re-Curve for Honda GoldWing
$159.00 $279.00
The 'Taka', which is Japanese for hawk or falcon, pays homage to the GoldWing emblem Honda has used for decades. Long Ride Shields has long been an innovative designer of custom windshields designed to reduce the buffeting created as a motorcycle slices through the wind and to improve safety and stability while operating a motorcycle. The 'Taka' shield is a significantly enhanced design over the OEM windshield and reduces buffeting by more than 60%. Most windshields provide a reduction for the driver, but the passenger suffers greatly as wind surrounds the passenger and creates an uncomfortable situation. The 'Taka' all but eliminates this situation for the passenger which recent tests have revealed. **2001 - 2004 Goldwings may be required to purchase new 1800 vents. **ALL Taka shields for the 1500 models are made to take an 1800 vent.   Fitment Instructions Our Taka shield is designed to look over. The...
Taka S Re-Curve for Honda F6B
$76.30 $209.00
With great looks and even better performance on the most dynamic of all Honda Motorcycles, the TAKA S provides style and function to the F6B Platform. This windshield comes in several different sizes, from short to tall allowing you to choose the size and function that best fits your riding needs. You can choose between super sporty to extreme protection! Each shield comes with an ultra effective re-curve at the top of the shield to get the air up and over the rider..   Fitment Instructions    Our Taka S shield is designed to look over. The recurve will push the wind up and over your head. You want to top of the shield about mouth level. Measure from the top of the fairing (rubber strip) to the top of the shield, following the same stock shield lean angle.