Just had to send you this pic. My 7" Ultra on my '12' Ultra. Love It! I let a couple of my friends "try out" my 8" Ultra and 8" Flat top. I don't think I'm getting them back! I'm pushing your shields to anybody who will listen. If you want to put this pic in your testimonials that would be nice. Thanks,
Rick Foss.

"The windshield design, with the slight curvature at the top, made for an enjoyable riding experience. The design allowed the air to flow up over my head. At freeway speeds I was able to extend my arm up over my head to an almost fully extended position before I started feeling the wind buffeting"
Ken P.

Member Gwrra Sierra Eagles Chapter The quality of the shield and the etching are top notch. Regarding the windshield itself, it does a great job of keeping the wind off my face. I have always ridden with a very short shield because I liked the looks. This shield gives me both the look I want and the protection I have begun to enjoy.

The etching on the shield is flawless and people are continually asking where I bought it. I recommend LRS without hesitation!

Thanks James and team for a great product.


Hi, just wanted to drop you guys a line about my recent purchase of the LRS 10” Ultra flip for my Harley Ultra Classic.
First off, great shield for a good price.
Second, fine craftsmanship.
Third, good wind protection and deflection.
Fourth, excellent clarity/visibility for the light tint.
This is my first tinted shield so I was a bit worried about the clarity mainly for night riding.
The 10” is perfect for me to see over and not have the edge in my line of sight like my stock shield.
The tint was not only an enhancement to the look of the bike but to the riding view as well, making the view on sunny days clearer for filming the road without the glare and I was surprised of the clarity at night.
Just ducking my head down and inch or two for those oncoming headlights made a great difference.
I originally purchased the Stealth shield but that let too much air in for riding with my wife, so I got the Flat Top for our longer road trips and it made a huge difference. I’ll probably use the Stealth during the hottest months when I ride alone.
Finally, great product, great price, fast delivery, and totally satisfied customer so please post this review on your sight so others can know that it’s a product that’s worth buying. Thanks again.

 Got my shield yesterday. Oh my gosh what fast shipping. The shield is
absolutely perfect!!!! Thank you so much for your help. It makes the bike look too fabulous. I have had so many
compliments today. Thanks again.


Gentlemen, a testament to how well ur shields work. Here's a pic of my windshield after my trip to CA and return to VA. Note the lack of bugs on my riding glasses and the number of bugs on the shield. A great product.
Dennis Mack
Hampton, VA

Love the windshield! You did a great job and the turn around time was amazingly fast. I am attaching some pictures for you to see. Feel free to use them on your site if you want.

 Received my shield on Friday. 17 in. W/recurve and light tint. Mounted it up and went for a nice long ride. It fits/works perfect. Looks cool with the ghost flames and I don't have to look through it like the HD oem. I can wear my regular glasses and the wind doesn't make my eyes tear. Awsome! Thanks,Garry


I just installed your Road King 18'' windshield and took the bike out for an all day ride. What a great shield! Although I'm six ft tall, the wind is deflected over my helmet and there is hardly any buffeting at all. Aside from that the tinted shield makes my old black and chrome FLHPI look even better.
Thanks for such a great and well priced product!

Jack Pals,
Vancouver Canada

"Hi James - thanks for all of your assistance with setting me up with a 10..."

"Medium Tint Flat Top LRS Windshield for my FLHX. It works just as you said
it would 8-) The wind goes right over my helmet at freeway speeds and as a
plus I can hear the sound system so much better at those speeds. The wind
buffeting with the standard OEM options (and I tried 3) was the only aspect
of the Street Glide that I was disappointed with, and you've sorted that for
me. Well done! I've already recommended your product to other Australian
riders. And as a plus, it took less time for you to send me your screen in
Oz than I have had to wait for OEM parts... All the best. Steve Robins."