Rambler (Models Victory Cross Country/Cross Country Tour/Magnum)

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The all new LRS Rambler Recurve shield is designed with our re-curve in the top of the shield which pushes the wind up and over your head. You can now look over your shield and be protected from the wind and buffetting as if you are looking through it, allowing you to see the road clearly ahead. Made from the highest grade FMR polycarbonate that has a glass hard-coating on both sides for ultimate scratch protection. This is the same material they use to make bullet proof glass!



Our Rambler will fit both standard and touring models. They are designed to fit non touring brackets. To install on your touring model, you must remove your touring brackets and install on the shorter brackets. The shield will then be installed just inside the fairing instead of outside the fairing like on the touring models. Our shields are made from polycarbonate and have a re-curve formed in the top, which adds rigidity therefore there is no issues with this fitment even with the tallest shield.

Measure along the stock slope from the bottom (just above the vent) to the top of the shield. The top should be level with between the tip of your nose and mouth, but no lower than mouth level. This allows you to clearly see over the shield, and have the wind go up and over your head.


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